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Payday Loan comparison plugin for WordPress


  • Can add custom RSS Footer
  • Can Add Social Like Button into the RSS Footer
  • Can Add Social RSS Button into the RSS Footer
  • Can Remove Continue Reading button in RSS
  • Can change the Continue Reading button text in RSS.
  • Can change the Continue Reading link.
  • You can add any ads link instead of Continue Reading Link
  • POP Up in Page
  • Like Button in POPUp, if like then doesn’t show option
  • Custom html content in POPUp
  • Full Customizable POP Up ( Color, Text, Overlay, etc)
  • Keword to Link
  • Keyword to ads link ( adf.ly, adfoc.us )
  • All Link of the post data to Ads Link
  • More, more ,more…..

There are four module-

  1. POP UP:

    By this module you can show POPUP in your wordpress site. In the popup you get many option to control. you can show title of POPUP or don’t show the title, can change the title text, can change the title text color, can change background color with gradient or single color. It has a user friendly color picker. you change the color of POPUP with gradient or single color. you can change the shadow color of the popup. you can show any thing into the the popup middle text here you can add images,link, bold text anything. you can show the social button on this popup, you can control the close button. you can control if user liked,tweet,G+ then the popup will be closed. you can set if liked, tweet,G+ then the popup will not show any more for that user. you can remove close button on popup. you can show overlay and can change the color of that overlay. if close button is off then if anyone try to remove this overlay or popup using firebug or other tool then it will reload again automatically. you can show the footer. can change the footer background color with gradient or single color. you can change the footer text color & text shadow color. You can control display event that means when it will show. there are five display event that are when Load Site, Scroll Down, Scroll Down 25%, Scroll down to 50% ,Scroll Down to 75%. There is another settings by this you can show the pop up only home or all page.

  2. Keyword TO URL:

    By this module you can automatically show your defined link corresponding the Keyword. you can add multiple keyword and link.There more special feature in this module that ads/shorter link, if you select server adf.ly/adfoc.us then it will automatically create the adf.ly/adfoc.us link. example- if i select a link (http://www.amazon.com/kindle) with keywords (kindle,apps,tab) then those keyword will be link of that url/address automatically and if you select the one of the ads(adf.ly,adfoc.us) server then link will be converted with the ads server’s link and the converted link will be set as link for those keywords.

  3. All URL TO Ads Link:

    This is another special module. By this you can change all links which are exists into your post/page those will be automatically searched and convert to the ads(adf,ly/adfoc.us) link and replace the link into the ads converted link.

  4. Social RSS:
    By this module you can add footer into RSS & POST. You can remove the rss Continue Reading link, Can change the text of Continue Reading , can change the link of Continue Reading , can add Facebook share, Facebook RSS, Facebook Link, twitter tweet, Twitter RSS,Twitter Link, Google + Button , Google + RSS, Google Plus Link,etc and any thing into post or rss footer. 

Video Of All Module

 version:1.3 - Updated  - version:1.2 - Updated   -some css version:1.1 - Updated  version: 1.0