WP SEO Propeller – Advanced SEO Analysis Tool

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Create neat onpage SEO Reports with a click of a button

SEO Propeller v1.1 (just updated Feb 2018) wordpress plugin allows you & your visitors to generate full onpage seo reports for any given URL and Keyword combination!

It analyses the following on any valid & available website:

  • URL Analysis
  • Title Analysis
  • Meta Tags
  • Website load speed
  • Heading tags ( h1 to h3 )
  • Text analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Code analysis ( valid w3.org, text:html ratio, etc)
  • Social buttons
  • Top words
  • Mobile analysis

Depending on the SEO report result, it will generate a task list to improve the SEOScore

Nice dashboard with chart and stats

Fully configure appearance of the SEO report

Report viewing restrictions

You can add constraints like:

  • On/Off: Visitors must be authenticated to view the task list
  • On/Off: Visitors must be authenticated to generate and download PDF
  • On/Off: Visitors must be authenticated to view SEO reports

Integrates with any WP theme

Being a WP Plugin, SEO Propeller uses shortcodes to generate the pages it needs, just like Woocommerce and others. It integrates with virtually any wordpress theme.

Release log

  v1.2 - Oct 2019 - PDF Report Fix: some hosts will return "No block-level parent found" when generating a pdf report. Now fixed. 
 v1.1 - Feb 2018  - added email collection when generating a SEO Report - email sending (optional, admin configurable) with PDF report - added email CSV Export feature - fixed HTTPS mixed content 
 v1.0 - Nov 2017 Initial Release