WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin – (with Auto-Redirect 404’s)

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Change logs:

version 1.7.1:

 1. Fixed a bug where admin would get an undefined error for saving a new rule 

version 1.7.0:

 1. Added User Role control for rules 2. Added User control for rules 

version 1.6.0:

 1. Fixed a bug where other redirect plugins would have interfered with the plugin. 2. Added Phone / Tablet instead of "Mobile" device option 3. Added Desktop as a redirect device option 

version 1.4.2:

 1. Fixed a bug with "/" in the end and beginning or url's 2. Fixed a conflict with other plugins loading the "Mobile Detect" library 3. Fixed Opera and IE detection bugs - where Opera was mixed with Chrome and IE was mixed with Edge. 

version 1.4.1:

 1. Changed plugin specific user permission to use "manage_options"  

version 1.4:

 1. Added plugin specific user permission: "weptile_redirect". 2. Fixed multisite redirect. 3. Fixed subpage redirects. 4. Fixed homepage redirect. 5. Fixed URL string redirect. 6. Fixed bugs on XML import. 

version 1.3:

 1. Updated error logs display using datatables.js. 2. Updated edit rule function to run via ajax for better user experience. 3. Fixed bugs when saving regex rules. 

version 1.2:

 1. Cleaned up the code, reduced server load, increased performance. Updated device redirect library. Used a new table script for easier/better listing logs. Added auto-search / auto-complete to search dropdowns. Fixed various minor and visual bugs here and there. Tested and improved functionality and performance on multisite redirects. 2. Updated auto-matching algorithm to match url instead of page titles. 3. Fixed redirect functionality for different permalink settings. 4. Fixed a bug where redirecting private pages would loop forever. 

version 1.1.5:

 1. Fixed subpage redirect issue and a bug with admin panel log table links. 2. Added homepage redirect option to source and target dropdowns. 

version 1.1.4:

 1. Fixed a bug where log in control text was printed to screen. 

version 1.1.3:

 1. Added a check for user logged in state option for redirect rules. 

version 1.1.2:

 1. Updated the matching algorithm to work better for VERY long URL's. (up to 255 character AFTER site url) 

version 1.1.0:

 1. Added redirect logging as an option 

version 1:

 1. Initial release