SocialStatus Plugin

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SocialStatus is a WordPress plugin which retrieves social data from both Facebook and Twitter to give you a better view of the popularity of your WordPress content(Post and Page).It is built with both table view and chart view, you will be able to see your pages’ popularity easily across two major social networks(Facebook and Twitter).
What is more, you can switch the chart graph between 12 types and save the chart image to your local PC.
Use this plugin to find out Facebook likes and twitter statistics of your website.
Check out the Preivew video and Features.



  • Currently tested on WordPress 3.1


  • Client side sortable data grid (no need to wait for page to reload).
  • Auto retrieve WordPress pages’ Facebook Likes (using Facebook API).
  • Auto retrieve WordPress pages’ Twitter retweets (using Tweetmeme API).
  • Currently supports both “Page” and “Post” post types.
  • Cache data between post types (faster loading).
  • “Facebook Likes VS Twitter Tweets” pie chart view.
  • “Top 10 Twitter Tweets pages” bar chart view.
  • “Top 10 Facebook Like pages” bar chart view.
  • 12 different types of bar chart view (able to change on the fly).
  • Save chart as image

Manual file:

Manual file is included in download file.