Social Locker for WordPress + bonus

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|| Latest update: 08 May 2017. | for WordPress.

Social Locker – plugin for WordPress – New Edition!

2 in 1. Added side menu plugin as a bonus. –

Do you continue use social buttons on your website, but visitors dont like/share your content?

You should use this new original plugin!
The Social Locker plugin is a set of social buttons that lock your content and ask your users to pay with a share/like/tweet/+1 your website to get access to hidden content, to get discount, to download or so.

The plugin will help you to get more likes, tweets, google+, subscribers, customers and traffic! Provides 14 social buttons for all major social networks: Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Tweet, Twitter Follow, Google +1, Google Share, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Use Live Preview button to see how it works!

Some examples of the ways you can use the plugin:

1. Lock videos
With the plugin, you can show any video on website from YouTube for a like or share to your website.

2. Lock promo codes and coupons
Reward your visitors who share, like or follow your page by offering a promo code. Buyers get a discount, you get a new visitors from social networks.

3. Lock downloads
Ask visitors for a like or share for a Free Download link! Don’t lose potential revenue from new visitors.

4. Lock tips and “secrets”
Write useful tips or some your secrets or publish an interesting story and lock it some partly via the plugin “Social Locker”. And see how article converts visitors to leads from social networks.

You can choose any theme of social locker in the plugin settings (screenshots below).

The plugin “Social Locker” provides you with advanced features to customize any aspect of your lockers.

The Social Locker has a lot of usefull options!

Social buttons set. Social Networks for social locker by MegaPress

Styles & Effects for Social Locker

Options for Social Locker

Easy and usefull WordPress plugin. One icon in visual editor for a shortcodes