SemanticWP SEO

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SemanticWP SEO — Amazing WordPress plugin for SEO

WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimization. It sets the h1, extra text blocks, titles, keywords and page descriptions (with using templates). It adds item to the main WP control panel menu, forms of editting and adding new posts, editting taxonomy extra columns for setting SEO-parameters to the certain pages.

May be used with WooCommerce, Jigoshop, etc.

Titles, meta-tags, extra text blocks

It is possible to set the title, keyword, description and extra text blocks templates to pages (main page, post page, pages of one or bunch of taxonomies). Support custom post type and custom taxonomies.

Variables can be used in templates.

Variables available in any template

site_PARAMETER — site information. You need to put the name of the variable instead of PARAMETER (more info
For example: %site_name %, %site_description %

page_num — page number

page_count — the ammount of pages

The variables for posts

title — the post’s title

categories — all the categories separated by commas

category — the first category

tags — all tags separated by commas

tax_single_TAXONOMYSLUG — the first value of taxonomy. It is usually used for custom taxonomies.
For example: %tax_single_category %

tax_TAXONOMYSLUG — all the values of taxonomy separated by commas. It is usually used for custom taxonomies.
For example: %tax_category %

The variables for taxonomies

title — the taxonomy’s title

parenttax_1 — parent term name. The number at the end of the variable denotes the level of the parent.

The variables for bunch of taxonomies

title — enumeration of names of taxonomies separated by commas

tax_TAXONOMYSLUG — all the values of taxonomies separated by commas

Cleaning HEAD

Set of options to delete a part of information in the tag HEAD:

  • Meta Generator;
  • link to the manifest Windows Live Writer file
  • shortlink
  • Really Simple Discovery link (EditURl)
  • individual link ti RSS categories
  • link to RRS post and comments

“robots.txt” and ”.htaccess”

These sections are made for editting files in the site root through the website control panel.

Supplementary Scripts

It adds Java Scripts or any other code to all pages. The code can be inserted to any part of the page:

  • into the Head tag
  • after openning tag Body
  • before closing tag Body