Mona Emoji – Custom funny emoji/emoticon on your post/page – WordPress plugin

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Mona Emoji is a First Professional Emoji/Ecomoticons wordpress plugin, which will help you make your posts/pages become more acttrated by adding a Emoji Picker on your wordpress editor.

Mona Emoji is customizable, mean that you can add many kind of emoji/emoticon define by yourseft even JPG, PNG, GIF, and we also add “Collection feature” which help you easy to pick what kind of emoji using in every single post/page’s subject.

And we also have 4+ collections included in this package.

5s to install
Useful and full setting
Auto add on wordpress editor
Emoji sort by Collection
4+ collections included in package

 1.1 Responsive on admin page + 1 collection included 

Feel free to contact us at our website for more Suggestion – Mona Media or Mona Media

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