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!! Notice – Important !!

Finally.. Yoast & Landingpages are working fine together again! Everything is tested with the most recent versions of Yoast / WordPress and Landingpages!



With the WordPress plugin ‘Landing Pages’ you can add multiple pages to your WordPress website, completely automatic. The plugin uses [keywords] which lets you create a variety of pages on a very easy way. Because of the build-in interval function you can set the landing pages ready to go online and let the plugin post the page every hour, day, week or month. This way you won’t get any problems like “black-seo”.


  • Add multiple pages to your WordPress site in seconds, completely automatic;
  • Uses [keywords] which lets you create a variety of pages;
  • Built-in interval posts every hour, day, week or month;
  • Use [keywords] in links & images
  • Search engine optimization is whit this ‘plugin’ really easy;
  • Add landingpages in there own category;
  • Fully compatible with All-in-One-SEO pack & YOAST SEO;
  • Use/choose your own Permalink structure;
  • Multi-language.

Supported languages so-far

  • Dutch
  • Englisch
  • Czech

(More languages are expected in future updates)

Save (a lot of) time

Creating landing pages has never been this easy. With this plugin you will save a lot of time. No more copy/pasting the content and manually creating landing pages. You simply enter multiple concepts in the interval and the plugin will publish the pages automatically. You can create multiple types of landing pages and let them be published simultaneously. Search engine optimization is really easy with this ‘tool’. On screenshot 1 you can see an example of how you can use the variables within the pages.



December 19, 2014

Updates core-file for WordPress 4.1 support
Always check if there are updates for your plugin. They run externally

June 5, 2014

Fix: AIO Seo fix
Fix: Interval fix for publishing posts

July 28, 2013

Fix: Yoast SEO plugin fix; works great again
Add: Added a new way of updating the plugin; in the future this is possible from within the WordPress admin

June 03, 2013

*New: Added Czech language files

November 28, 2012

*Fix: Finally fixed bug(s) with Yoast SEO plugin & All in one SEO / Platinum SEO

Januari 11, 2012

*Fix: Fixed problems with WordPress 3.3(.*);
*Fix: Changed manner of handling with WP Classes. In the future this will cause less problems with WP updates.
*Upd: Major performance boost in WP-admin, changed handeling of WP classes.

June 27, 2011

*Add: Added support for Yoast SEO plugin;

June 27, 2011

*Add: Added support for Yoast SEO plugin;
*Upd: Updated about page.

June 18, 2011

*Fix: Problem with updating landingpages. Published posts keep the same status now;
*Add: Complete new layout and interface of the plugin;
*Add: Function to post landing pages automatic on frequency dates;
*Add: Added 'about' page to plugin for information and/or contact;
*Add: Languages. Plugin now available in Dutch and English;
*Add: Added 'Generated pages' to the plugin;
*Add: Function 'unlimited variables';
*Add: Compatible with plugin All-in-One SEO Pack.

March 11, 2011

*Fix: Error in creating categories;
*Fix: Error when [var] is used in the title.