Dropbox Frontend Slider

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– Display images in the frontend of the website

– Choose between frontend display modes (flexslider, no effect) or create your own effect (by adding a new folder to the effects folder). Fully customize the output by adding new sliders with custom html, javascript and css!

– Choose between various frontend image sizes

– Choose the direct URL from Dropbox where the images are located

– Add several instances of the plugin to the site

– Add as a widget to any available location

– Add as a shortcode on a blog post

– Add or edit your dropbox images and immediately see the changes coming up on the frontend (after page load)

Version History


– migrated to Dropbox API v2


– added methods to auto-update widgets (see flexslider/effect.js)


– fixed error “Problem (2) in the Chunked-Encoded data”


– connect to dropbox resources

– dropbox authentication for frontend display

– support for flexslider