Bazz CallBack widget Pro (wordpress)

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The plugin is intended for easy creating a widget on your website. The widget will be performing «call-back function». That is, you will be recieving client’s phone which the client will have specified in the widget by your e-mail.

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • French
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Persian

You can setting up really any color scheme! The best integration for your design.

It is easy to configure. Just follow Bazz CallBack Widget PRO -> Settings

NEW. Request’s history on admin side of WordPress

How it looks on desktop

How it looks on mobile

The email from the widget looks like:

What will be in the next releases?

  • The history of the recieved call-backs will be saved in admin panel – Done! (v. 2.0)
  • New languages will be added (if you want to help me with translation – email me)
  • Pleasant design of the received letter – Done! (v. 1.1)
  • RTL support – Done! (v. 2.0)
  • Export the hystory of the recieved call-backs to CSV

Changes log:

ver 2.2

 * Fix minor css issues. * Fix minor js issues. * Change admin_init hook to current_screen. * Fix some English grammar. * ROMANIAN translation added. * GREEK translation added. * SPANISH (Spain) translation added. * SPANISH (Mexico) translation added. * GERMAN translation added. * SWEDISH translation added. 

ver 2.1

 * Now you can change size of the widget! * Preview of the widget on settings page (admin panel) * A 'nonce' field will be used for sending the message (more security) * Now you can delete items from history of the requests * The translations was edited * Fix small issues. 

ver 2.0

 This is a major update * Tested up to 4.9 WordPress. * NEW - A history of the received call-backs with much of info in your admin panel. * You can add several e-mail addresses to receive a message. * RTL support. * Change the name in the header FROM (on received message). * RUSSIAN translation added. * UKRAINIAN translation added. * PERSIAN translation added. * DUTCH translation added. * POLISH translation added. * FRENCH translation added. 

ver 1.2

 * Increased z-index  * Tested up to 4.8 WP 

ver 1.1

* New design of the message from the widget

ver 1.0

* First release.