BAN – Blocked Ads Notifier With Statistics

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Detect Adblock with Blocked Ads Notifier With Statistics!

Blocked Ads Notifier or simply BAN is a premium WordPress plugin that detects adblock, adblock plus, ghostery and all other popular adblockers out there with ease.

Ever wanted to know how many users were blocking your ads? well now you can! Blocked Ads Notifier operates on two modes, it allows you to display notices upon blocking and collect statistics or collect statistics only.

Works with any advertisement script/agency.

Latest Version 1.1 Upcoming features: detect which logged-in members are blocking your ads.



Get to know your audience more, find out how loyal your users are!, Blocked Ads Notifier calculates the percentage of users who are blocking your advertisement and presents it to you in easy to understand charts.


Persuade your users to white-list your website! Blocked Ads Notifier fills in the blank spaces left by ad blockers with your own customized notices or if you prefer use a floating message.

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 v1.1 --------      - Added option to keep statistics data upon plugin uninstall     - Added option to choose between notices+statistics or statistics only mode     - Added option to reset statistics using ajax     - General code improvements     - Revamped plugin's settings interface     - Added pointers to alert users of new options  
 v1.0 --------         - Stable release