Advanced Text Widget Pro

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Does your sidebar get crowded with widgets? Do you have a need to place widgets only on specific pages of your site? This plugin provides flexible widget visibility conditions for every widget on your site, including core and third party widgets provided by other plugins.

No coding skills necessary – plugin comes with 10 default conditions with over 20 application possibilities.

If PHP is your friend you can add unlimited custom widget visibility conditions. Conditions can use multiple arguments, strings and arrays of values for all your needs.

The plugin also provides an “Advanced Text” widget, which supports raw PHP code, as well as shortcodes. Shortcode functionality will be activated on the native “Text” widget as well.

The flexibility is endless – you can manipulate any content visibility in any way and fashion: section-specific navigation, promotional content, advertisement, content that is relevant to a specific section of your site or specific pages etc.

Video Demo

Check out short Video Demo


  • 10 Default widget visibility conditions with over 20 application possibilities.
  • Add unlimited custom conditions.
  • Apply visibility conditions to ANY widget on your site.
  • Add custom CSS IDs/Classes to ANY widget.
  • Import/Export your visibility conditions to re-use on other sites.
  • “Advanced Text” widget with raw PHP support and shortcodes execution.


– Adds support for Envato Market plugin.
– WP 5.2.x. compatibility update.

– Fixes use of a deprecated function in PHP 7.2.
– WP 4.9.8. compatibility update.

– Fixes minor PHP Error.
– WP 4.9.4 compatibility update.

– WP 4.8. compatibility update.

– Improvement: loads minified JS script in the admin settings.
– New Feature: interface for deleting existing conditions.
– WP 4.6 compatibility update.

– WP 4.5.3 compatibility update.

– WP 4.3 compatibility update.

– WP 4.1 compatibility update.
– Bug Fix: Import settings feature stopped working.

– WP 3.9 compatibility update.

– Added filter to widget title.
– Cleaned up minor PHP warnings.

– Bug Fix: Default conditions weren’t getting imported by initial plugin activation.
– Bug Fix: Import/Export functionality was missing, while form items were present. Duh!
– More code clean up.

– Compatibility update for WordPress 3.4
– Code clean up to remove PHP notices.

– Bug Fix: custom CSS ID was being appended rather than replacing the existing one.
– Bug Fix: after plugin activation existing widgets had to be re-saved, otherwise they were displayed with default settings. No data loss there – just the output issue.

– New Feature: custom CSS ID/Class fields for every widget.

– Changed widget’s content filter to atw_widget_content instead of the default widget_text.
– Bug Fix: atw shortcode filter wasn’t using the right handle.

– Updated all get method operations with esc_attr() to improve security.

– Fix for possible security vulnerability.