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Advanced links widget is an advanced widget that gives you total control over every link. Comes with new hit counter and stars rating, make this plugin becomes more powerfull. There are many options on how you should select and display the link with custom queries, include or exclude, ordering, show or hide, search or by link categories and link metas.

Key Features & options Stars Rating, new features for link hit counter.
Hit Counter, new features for link hit counter.
Category Order, ascending or descending.
Category Orderby, cound, ID, name or slug.
Category Link Selector, include or exclude one or more link categories from all categories.
Link Class, usefull if you have your own class.
Link Before & After, if you want to have your own HTML tags.
Intro & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Limit, specified the number of links per link category.
Link Order, ascending or descending.
Link Orderby, id, description, length, name, notes, owner, random, rating, rel, rss, target, updated or url.
Link Selector, include or exclude one or more link from all categories.
Search Feature, if you want to search link by keyword.
Between, HTML tag between link.
Categorize, if you want to display the categories title or display only the links.
Show Description, show link description.
Hide Invisible, if you want to hide hidden link.
Show Rating, display link with the given rating with the choosen rating background.
Show Updated, will show the time of when the bookmark was last updated.
Show Images, whether to show link image if available.
Show Name, whether to show link name if available.
Show Private, ignore the admin setting and show private Categories.
Custom Style & Script, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget class.
Color Picker, pick the rating background-color with your favorite colour. Changes Log 1.2.1 – 07 May 2013
– Fix javascript problem for admin interface.

1.2 – 04 February 2013
– Shortcode added
– Optimizing backend dialog
– Widget title and icon added
– Removing link category title in front-end
– Removing link color

1.1 – 14 October 2012
– Adding stars rating
– Adding hit counter
– Changing user interface
– Removing link color

Support and Features Request This plugin does not match to your site style? Is this script not quite working as it should? Having trouble installing? Or need some custom modifications that aren’t already included? Or you want more features on next release? Feel free to get in touch about any of your queries via profile page.