5sec Content Scroller Widget

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Payday Loan comparison plugin for WordPress


  • scroll anything:
    • content from your site
    • one or more Twitter timelines
    • RSS feed(s)
    • custom text
  • plenty options for customizing the look & feel: font, background color, speed, …
  • full support for custom post types and taxonomies
  • fully customizable layout via easy-to-use variables ({link}, {title}, {image}, {date} …) – details
  • featured post images support
  • shortcodes work as well
  • native WP GUI for super easy setup
  • works on all themes
  • apart from Twitter accounts/timelines you can also show trending topics, lists and anything else that has a RSS feed
  • famous 5sec concept by Web factory
  • non WordPress version with full documentation is included!

Demo, docs and details

What are customers saying

Just purchased. Easy breezy. 6 stars
– ddartman7


 v1.1 - February 29th 2012 * added non WordPress version * minor bug fixes  v1.0 - February 27th 2012 * initial release